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What is the quickest way to get your return?

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You’ve spent the whole year over paying on your taxes. The sooner you get your overpayment back, the sooner the Universe will be back in balance.

See below for the best way to get your money back from the IRS:

· File as soon as you have your W-2 and other tax forms for the year

The obvious benefit is the quicker you file, the quicker you will get the return. Another benefit of filing as early possible is giving the bad guy less chance to file for you, and collect what is rightfully yours. That’s right, identity theft and fraud cases are on the rise. Lower your chances of becoming a victim.

· E-File

Filing by mail could take the IRS up to 8 weeks to process your return and issue a refund. Bright Line Tax exclusively e-files all returns, to ensure that you get your refund in 3 only weeks after filing, in most cases.

· Choose direct deposit

Direct deposit is the faster and more reliable option. The money owed to you by the IRS falls right into your account when the return is processed. Save yourself the time and inconvenience of a waiting for a postal worker to deliver the check, and then lugging it to the bank.

· Track your refund

Tracking your refund is the best way to know that your refund has been accepted by the IRS, and is making its way to the bank account. IRS has a great tool on which gives clear status updates in real time.

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